Economical HVAC control system

It is never pleasing to come home from work during Winter to a cold house or in Summer to a stifling house. Nowadays many houses can be badly insulated.
You will also be as much able to adapt the climate depending on the area of the house, or the exact room, as optimizing the consumption when resources are low, for maximum savings. All this with an aim of customization and fitting to every need.
For the sake of customization and adaptation to anyone’s needs, it is possible to configure the orders that shall be given to the installation depending on your minimal or maximal temperature settings. It will then be able to automatically reach your favorite temperatures.
This is why the Domintell system offers the possibility to smartly automate the real-time climate management inside a house thanks to sophisticated algorithms.
With our systems, your smart house self-regulates its temperature. Your sensors send the data directly collected back to your Master module, which will send in return orders of cooling or heating to your installation. Thus automatically optimizing the climate of your home.
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