With the total control over your lightings by Domintell

With the total control over your lightings by Domintell, it is now possible to have a stranglehold on the whole house.
Adapt your rooms depending on the light need of each one of them and control all your lights at the same time. No need to separately turn off all your lights anymore when going to bed. The total control over your lights also allows you to link it to movement sensors which will light your rooms up or turn their lights off depending on the passings inside it or the time spend on.
Harmonize your lightings by configuring the actions of your buttons at your will from our software in order to have access to all the possibilities that your lights offer. Rather than keeping your child’s night-light on, plan a light that will decrease its intensity all along the night, until full extinction. Moreover, thanks to the RGB technology, your lights use precise color variation for an atmosphere of your taste. An infinity of configurations is offered to you.
You would like to change these too classical or too intense lightings? Our system allows a centralized control of your customized lightings. You are constantly aware of the on lights thanks to the stages display which allows you to be informed of which room is on or not.
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