Our company provides the following services:
Our experience and knowledges give us the ability to assist our clients in every step of the development and project realization. The qualified specialists will explain the positive effects from home automation and systems optimization. They will clarify the goals of the project, design and construct the most appropriate system, and assist to implement a successful project.
Our specialists provide the assistance in the operation and maintenance. During the implementation and primary acceptance the equipment is testing. Guarantee performance tests to validate the construction integrity and confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction are made, too.

As the next phase of project management our specialists will organize the integration of systems and partners, deliver the equipment, coordinate subcontractors and consultants and follow up on the time schedule and cost control.
We also provide the support, as well as troubleshooting. This includes emergency repairs, major repairs, optimization system repairs. The support fees are negotiated separately.
Our company assists the client to structure the whole project. This includes designing, planning of how the project will be developed and elaborating.


Welcome to the Smart Living Experience by Domintell.
High-tech surveillance systems from the spy movies always seemed unrealistic to you? Be able to control its video surveillance system inside your property from anywhere is now possible. Paired with the Domintell technology, you can now manage your automated video system at anytime. It is then possible to regroup the whole system with a single button, automate its start or its stop or plan a start during periods you previously set.
Access control
The safety of your house is one of our priorities. Keep control over your various rooms and devices by configuring their remote access. For example, you can control the access to your rooms thanks to the association between your smartphone and your security systems through a Bluetooth connection. This way, secure your house and filter the accesses with the Domintell technologies. The information is provided to you instantly and allow you to control in real-time the security of your house.

Domintell always mentions "total control at hand" with its system but only seems to work through physical buttons? You could use a wide range remote control which would also allow you to check your house status? We thought of you.
Combined with an astronomical clock, your bells can be set to ring at precise hours you would have previously set according to your needs. Also, it is everyday more important to secure your house.
With the total control over your lightings by Domintell, it is now possible to have a stranglehold on the whole house. Adapt your rooms depending on the light need of each one of them and control all your lights at the same time. No need to separately turn off all your lights anymore when going to bed. The total control over your lights also allows you to link it to movement sensors which will light your rooms up or turn their lights off depending on the passings inside it or the time spend on.

Smart Devices

Best Smart devices for your every day usage!
Personal Devices: Smart watches, Smart fitness bands, Mobile phones, Photo camera
Devices for Home: Desktop wireless charging lamp, Nest thermostat

Devices for Office: 360 degree camera, 3D scanner, 3D printer, Hologram fan, Projectors, CCTV video cameras
Accessories: Head phone, Sensor, Flesh cards

Home Robots: Vacuum robot cleaner, Window robot cleaner
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