Domintell is based on a “bus” system

Domintell is based on a “bus” system of the RS 485 variety, an industrial standard, renowned for its reliability and its speed. It is one of the most used in the world, in industry, airports, hospitals etc…


“Modules” of various kinds will enable you to operate every kind of consumption unit that you will need - lighting with dimmers, shutters, sound distribution throughout the house, heating, remote-controlled sockets, etc. - and various kinds of touchscreens will also enable all the controls to be centralized.

Automation is something with which you’ve already been involved for many years. You leave your vehicle: the doors are closed, the windows are shut, the headlights are turned off with or without a time delay, the alarm is connected, and you open or close it from a distance. Your heating or air conditioning are now automatically adjusted to the outside temperature, your safety has increased with the passage of time, with pretension-ed safety belts

The airbags trigger when needed and finally, perhaps most importantly, at comparable or higher engine capacity your car consumes more than a third less than it did ten years ago. All these undeniable facts form an integral part of your daily life. And in your home? All these functions - energy saving, comfort, security and intelligent management - are possible with home automation: an intelligent, evolving house today is no longer a dream and it is even entirely affordable.

Secured connection Connection locked through the physical button Administration A single admin with up to 7 parallel users Encryption 100% encrypted transmissions

Remote updates Updated through the app Adaptive in-app mode switching when changing the light bulb Upgradeable Free new features to come Future proof Future LED lamps ready

Direct Bluetooth® connection Wireless In-app settings Once plugged, you don’t ever have to touch the module again Combine the 3 devices Create your favorite atmospheres or a smooth wake-up Other functions integrated Immediate or progressive alarm clock, presence simulation, timer, total time of usage(for replacement or cost estimation), etc Rename your devices Through the app Fits In most wiring boxes

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